Time to complete a New Maple Floor?
Depending on the size the average gym will take our company from 2 ˝ weeks to 4 weeks time.

Time to complete screen and recoats?
With our water based finish, we can complete your screen and recoat within 2 days. This means that we can do your screen and recoats over the long weekend, with no down time to the school!

Time to complete resands?
The time it takes to complete a resand has to do with how much and what type of product is currently on the floor. Our resand on an average sized gym are between 2 and 4 weeks.

Do we use LEED Certified materials?
We are all sensitive to the enviroment, that is why we and our products are LEED certified.

What do we do if there is a moisture problem showing up through our floor?
If you have noticed a moisture problem, please contact us and look at the “Wood and Water” page on this website. You will need to identify where the moisture is coming from, and repair it. Then you will need to bring the humidity down in that area. At this point, we will need to see the floor to assess it. Our trained team member will help you come up with a plan to fix your floor.

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